Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

Sharing the Love of Jesus in the UW-Madison Community

Calvary Lutheran Chapel is a welcoming church community in downtown Madison that invites you to join us as we grow together in faith and service to Jesus Christ. Any day this semester, you are welcome to study and socialize in our space with complimentary WiFi and refreshments.
Come as you are!


Calvary Lutheran Chapel Vision

We are a strong community made up primarily of students, other members of the UW community, local residents, and young families. We come from various backgrounds, but we work together to help each other grow in the understanding of our faith centered in Jesus Christ. Led by the Holy Spirit, the size of our community continues to grow as we work to bring new members into our church family and as we retain students who remain active in the congregation after graduation.


With growth comes an increase in activity at Calvary. Worship service attendance is strong as we work hard to make our worship meaningful to those who prefer traditional as well as contemporary worship styles. Ministries are enriched by the gifts and vision of the members of Calvary. Students can be found studying and hanging out in the student center, participating in, and sometimes leading, one of our many Bible studies, worship opportunities, and discussion groups as well spending time with each other outside of organized events.


In addition to fostering strong connections within the Calvary community, we strive to make connections with other local churches and student ministries—especially exploring our ministry partnership with Mt. Olive Lutheran Church. Calvary continues to partner with Peace Lutheran Campus Center in Stevens Point in retreats, leadership training, and mission trips while exploring new ministry opportunities with other LCMS campus ministries.


Through the International Friendship Center, Calvary serves the international community by helping them with their English skills, providing activities about American Culture, teaching about Jesus in Bible studies and inviting them to join Calvary in worship.

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